What a great idea to relocate to one of our ‘own’ countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Or perhaps you are moving to another location in the world where we can assist you via our local Relocation partner in that destination.

What needs to be arranged

We recognize that moving to a new country can be a lengthy and complicated process. To help out with all of the complexities and to give you a head start in all of your preparations, we provide you with a checklist. Whether you have received a lumpsum from your employer, or if you are financing the relocation yourself, with our services we will save you time and provide you with all of the essential information that you need in order to make well-informed decisions. We can assist you, for example, with matters such as choosing a home, your personal registration and opening a bank account, finding the best school for your children, or being well prepared for your move by giving you a timeline of what to do when. We’ll try to relieve you of as many of the specifics that need to be arranged as possible.

Getting to know the country

We do not only assist you with arranging the practical matters, but also with learning the customs and habits of your new location. This will help you to move around easier and to really feel a like a part of your new community. Throughout the country, our team of experienced Field Consultants with local area expertise offers valuable input. This allows us to provide assistance in each of our countries’ beautiful destinations!

Efficiency and a lot of information

We have implemented an efficient way of working together with our Immigration department, in which you need to submit a copy of certain documents like your passport only once. We can then use this for the rest of your Relocation process as well. In order to make our communications as simple and smooth as possible as well, you will have a single point of contact in our office. On top of that, we work with experienced field consultants with detailed local knowledge, who are available to assist you further in getting familiar with your new home base!

Your Interactive Relocation Platform & App

For your home search and settling-in, we use the Interactive Relocation Platform & App. This is a great platform, where you can communicate with your dedicated Relocation Consultant via a chat function, view all of the housing options your Relocation Consultant has found for you, find all kinds of essential information about your new location and how things are arranged in the new location, as well as an overview of all appointments scheduled for you during your settling-in.


A Happy Arrival !

May we invite you to have a look at the various service programs we can offer you? Please contact our Relocation team with any inquiries you might have. Our team will do their utmost to support in every step of the way for settling-in and to ensure a good start and happy arrival!

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