Embedded in Expat Management Group’s way of working are our Top Five Values: win time, save costs, offer quality, be a partner and give a warm welcome to newly arriving employees.

Win Time

We realize that supporting newly arriving colleagues with the practical necessities in the new location is only one part of the arrangements in the international assignment that needs to be set up. A lot of details and personal requests are involved. Regulations change all the time, so it is hard to keep up. To support this all is pretty time-consuming, especially if this might not be part of the daily routine for our corporate client. For our Relocation Team, this is a day-to-day profession; we are used to the variation and fluctuation in the arrival of international and the regularly changing procedures and formalities.

Because Expat Management Group has both a Relocation and Immigration team, we are able to carry out those processes in-house. This enables seamless and effective communication between the two teams, allowing us to respond quickly to any questions or requests that we receive. Via the our Interactive Relocation Platform, the international can communicate with the single point of contact in our office and will have an overview of all appointments, suggested properties, and extensive information instantly on their laptop and mobile phone.

Save Costs

With our efficient working style and daily experience, we save our clients not only time but also costs. In our Homesearch programs, we will negotiate the best rental prices and secure deposits. With temporary accommodation providers, we have built a trustworthy relationship and can often guarantee possible discounts. Our Relocation Team cooperates and has agreements with other third parties to ensure you get the best service fees possible.


Of course, everything within our organization is set up in such a way that it is GDPR compliant. We guarantee that any personal information provided to us will be handled with due care. One of our priorities and strengths is that we place a high value on a personalized approach for each of our clients, resulting in our fast response time en personal interest in our clients.

Expat Management Group is a member of various international networks and branch organizations, allowing us to keep up to date with developments and solutions worldwide. All of this to make sure we offer the best services and approaches to our clients. We can’t do it all alone, so we invest in a wide professional network of other service providers to make sure we can assist our clients in every aspect of the relocation process.


Before we start our cooperation, we listen and will try to understand fully what our client is expecting from our services and how to fit with the corporate culture of your company.

We realize that outsourcing to us means that our corporate client is no longer directly involved with the details that the international is dealing with during the relocation process. We consider it our task to keep our client informed and will reach out proactively.

In addition to our regular Relocation services, we offer advice on the relocation budget, whether or not to offer compensation for temporary housing, which relocation packages suit different types of moving processes, and many other similar decisions. Once our services are acquired, it is always possible to call us for advice on expat policies.

We want to be a partner in this process and we are happy to provide free consultancy on expat programs, policies, and budgets.

Warm Welcome

Please visit our Relocation for Individuals page to learn more about the available benefits for newly-arriving colleagues. We understand the differences between assisting young single transferees versus families with children, as well as the differences in international assignments, cultural backgrounds, and so on. We can make a considerable contribution by looking at each expatriate’s individual situation and interests and make sure that we give all the local information needed. Being well prepared and informed, and feeling supported gives a warm welcome and soft landing. It makes all the difference!

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