Your Ultimate Relocation Checklist Pt. 1

Welcome to Your Ultimate Relocation Checklist series! Moving abroad is a life-changing decision not to be taken lightly. We’ve put together a little cheat sheet of 13 things you need to remember before making your big move. In part 1 of this series, we dive into ‘The Research Phase’, where we’ll break down the key things to consider before making your decision.

1. Visa & Immigration Requirements  📃 

Consult an Immigration Consultant or other advisor appointed by your employer to understand the visa and immigration requirements of your country of destination

2. Tax Laws 🧾

Research the tax laws in your host country to find out what your tax status may be in your new country.

3. Culture & Lifestyle 🌎

Look into the country’s culture and lifestyle. Consider sociocultural influences that impact the countries’ habits, traditions, attitudes, values, beliefs, and social behavior.

4. Housing Market 🏠

Consider the housing market in your host country. What is the rental situation like? What are the costs and availability of housing?

5. Cost of Living 💸

Evaluate the cost of living and consider the expenses associated with your move.

6. Healthcare 🏥

Assess the healthcare system in your host country. What is the quality of care? What is the cost of health insurance?

7. Language 🗣️

Consider the spoken language in your host country. Can you communicate effectively and feel understood at work and in social situations?

8. Climate 

Take into account the climate of your host country, this can have a big impact on your overall well-being. What are the seasons like and how does this reflect people’s lifestyle and culture?

9. Environment & Local Geography 🏙️🏞️

Research the environment and local geography of your country of destination. What are the cities like? How is the landscape? Is there nature nearby? How does this reflect the options for outdoor- and organized cultural activities?

10. Safety and Security 🚫👮

Consider the safety and security of your host country. Evaluate political stability, crime rates, and emergency and healthcare services. 

11. Educational System 🏫

Moving with children? Examine the educational system, availability of international schools, extracurricular activities, and costs.

12. Partner’s Wellbeing  💑

Accompanied by a partner? Assess available job opportunities and other activities and factors to ensure your partner’s well-being.

13. Trust your Intuition! 🧡 

Last, but not least, trust your intuition. Reflect upon your values, interests, and goals, to see if this aligns with your potential new country and life.

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