Word of partners – Nihat Kurt

While it is not yet clear the extent to which COVID-19 will take its toll on our collective epidemiological, social, and economic health, it is very clear that people are frightened and businesses are preparing for down-side scenarios. With restrictions to mobility, our world of Global Mobility faces collapse!

Beyond the panic and anxiety, increasing disruption from travel bans and work from home mandates, supply chain disruptions, deferral of non-strategic investments and a general recession-like climate has already impacted our day-to-day business-as-usual.

Given the current situation surrounding the Corona virus and the (travel) restrictions in force, Expat Management Group wants to provide you with a status update from our end regarding ongoing (Benelux) immigration cases and potential impacts for new hires. In our previous newsletter we already announced that the EU has implemented a Schengen ban which is effective since Thursday, 19 March 2020 for at least 30 days (initially).

All travel which is considered non-essential is prohibited. Moreover, many countries, including the Netherlands, have confirmed that consular services of embassies and consulates are limited and short- and long term visas are not issued until 6 April 2020.

At this stage, new applications, renewals and other types of applications can still be submitted. However, as  Immigration Authorities only operate with very limited capacity, collection of visas, work and residence permit cards, endorsements in passports, appointments for biometrics etc are very difficult, if not impossible in the upcoming days. We have personally updated most of our clients on the mobility impacts and case progress for each of their employees and will continue to pro-actively monitor developments.

There is a lot of uncertainly these days, especially in our world of global mobility. When it comes to uncertainty, we may not always be able to control the outcome, but we can control our response to it. Be resilient. It gives you the tools to bounce back from tough situations and thrive in the face of challenges.

Expat Management Group is also ready to serve you in these difficult times. Follow us on Linkedin for the latest travel and residence updates.

Wishing you, your families and your colleagues strength and patience.

Be resilient, keep safe and healthy!

Nihat Kurt, Partner with Expat Management Group
Lecturer Expatise Academy and Erasmus University Rotterdam

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