Word of partners – Nihat Kurt

Summer of Hope

Enough said and written about the pandemic, right? With the challenges in our world of Global Mobility almost behind us, and, as business owners and service providers, we already adapted our companies and our lives to navigate it all.

It was (and still is!) not yet clear the extent to which COVID-19 would take its toll on our collective epidemiological, social, and economic health. People were frightened and businesses were preparing for down-side scenarios. With restrictions to mobility, our world of Global Mobility became more narrow.  We are hopeful that as of this summer and in this part of the world, there is no more panic and anxiety, no disruption from travel bans, Brexit under control, no deferral of non-strategic investments and no general recession-like climate.  Today, we see that employers slowly ask colleagues to turn to their desks; It almost feels business-as-usual.

Let’s look ahead. Borders will soon be wide open (including for US nationals); there is a shortage of recruiters (not joking!); unemployment is at its lowest ever; employees within Europe will travel more and more and may need to notify their presence in the European country (don’t forget the mandatory notification of your posted workers!); The transition phase to apply for a Brexit-pass for British nationals has been extended until 1 Oct; On June 1 the Netherlands started a pilot to attract essential start-up personnel;  More business than usual!

Perhaps too early to speak about the Roaring Twenties, but the hot summer seems already started, festivals wait for their audience, European football teams are competing and the Olympics will soon start.
Hope you manage to attend a nice festival, hope that your favourite soccer team wins and hope you have a normal summer!

Nihat Kurt, Partner with Expat Management Group – Benelux
Lecturer Expatise Academy and Erasmus University Rotterdam

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