Word of our partner – Massimo Maesen

Happy Easter everyone. This must be the most exciting Easter I have ever had, not including the times I spent as a child in our garden hunting for Easter eggs. I have now joined Expat Management Group a month and a half ago, and I do not regret my decision at all, on the contrary. I have had some interesting and challenging days already, and do not expect this to change soon. Building a practice is no easy feat. However, I can feel how our client base is slowly growing, and how Expat Management Group is getting noticed in the Belgium market. We clearly see that there is room and demand for a young and refreshing immigration services provider like Expat Management Group in Belgium. We want to provide top service against reasonable fees. Our goal is to be an interesting alternative to more expensive or less experienced providers. My days are filled with visiting prospect and existing clients, assisting clients with their files and queries, regularly discuss scenarios with different authority’s representatives and asking difficult questions, business development, marketing and networking. Interesting times ahead.

Massimo Maesen is Partner of Expat Management Group’s Belgian practice. Expat Management Group is growing and wishes to serve its clients in various locations. Expat Management Group’s Belgian office is located in the heart of Brussels.

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