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It is the end of June and we are half-way into 2019. Most people are preparing for a well-deserved holiday abroad while others enjoy the summer period at home, visiting festivals and camping sites or just enjoy time in their own backyard. There are also a number of people who consider (or have already chosen) to take a new and bold step into their career and start working in and moving to the Netherlands or Belgium directly following the summer holiday period.  Those people are less busy with holiday planning and more concerned with managing their and their family’s move to a new home country. Preview-trips are being planned and performed, area orientations and house searches are conducted, immigration paperwork is being gathered, legalised documents being procured and translated. Moreover, school searches and subsequent registrations need to take place (actually these should have been completed already by now).

At Expat Management Group this is a busy time of the year, making sure that our clients are settled in September, assisting with documentation, advising on Embassy processes, planning and accompanying visits, advising on best practices. What makes our task a little bit more challenging than usual is the fact that government authorities, banks and other institutions also deal with holiday periods, backlogs and shortage on staff, reduced opening hours and so on.

As a mobility service provider, it is our main task to take those limitations into account and manage our client’s expectations right from the start, making sure that the employees enjoy a smooth journey and landing so that they can directly and comfortably make a start here. And perhaps, knowing that we got their backs and that their processes is in good hands, they too can find the time and enjoy a little bit of holiday before their next career step takes off.

Enjoy your summer plans everyone, whatever they may be or look like!

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