What’s on in the Benelux and Germany in August?

This month we hand-picked our favorite activities happening in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. From Pride celebrations to Luxembourg’s giant annual funfair and festivals in Belgium, check out our top to-do’s below.

ūüá≥ūüáĪ The Netherlands

What: Pride Festival  

Where: Amsterdam

When: August 4-6  

Pride festival is¬†the¬†biggest¬†celebration¬†of¬†the¬†equality,¬†acceptance,¬†and¬†inclusion¬†of¬†the¬†LGBTQ+ community. The¬†main¬†Amsterdam Pride weekend is held¬†from August 4 ‚Äď August 6 and¬†hosts¬†a¬†number¬†of¬†street¬†parties¬†and the¬†famous¬†boat¬†Canal¬†Parade.¬†Keep in mind¬†that¬†this¬†is¬†one¬†of¬†the¬†busiest¬†weekends of¬†the¬†year¬†so¬†make¬†sure¬†to¬†plan¬†ahead¬†of time.¬†The¬†biggest¬†celebration¬†might¬†be¬†in Amsterdam, but¬†you¬†can¬†celebrate¬†freedom,¬†inclusion,¬†and¬†love¬†everywhere¬†and¬†anywhere.¬†Read more¬†about¬†Pride Festival in¬†the¬†Netherlands¬†here.¬†

ūüá©ūüá™ Germany

What: Pride Festival 

Where: Hamburg

When: July 29 – August 6

Alongside Amsterdam Pride, the celebration is also held in Hamburg from July 29-August 6. Over 100 events in different locations are held in addition to the central Pride Parade. Check the full program here. 

ūüáĪūüáļ Luxembourg

What: Schueberfouer Funfair

Where: Luxembourg City 

When: August 23 РSeptember 11, every day from 2 pm Р1 am 

The Scheuberfouer is Luxembourg’s largest annual funfair. From late August to early September, both Luxembourgers and millions of visitors alike flock¬†to¬†the¬†fairground¬†at¬†Champ¬†du Glacis¬†to¬†experience¬†the¬†magical¬†atmosphere.¬†

The fair has a long tradition in Luxembourg. John I of Luxembourg founded the Schueberfouer back in 1340, originally an 8-day market in celebration of Saint Bartholomew’s Day on 24 August. It evolved to be a huge success and is today the biggest funfair of Luxembourg and the Greater Region involving a mix of gastronomy, tradition, and fun thrills.  Read more about it here.

ūüáßūüá™ Belgium

What: Music Festivals

Where: Various locations

When: August 4-20

In Belgium, there are countless festivals to attend in August. We’ve listed our favorites below:

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