Vignette as proof of priority crossing of the Belgian border in the context of COVID19

All frontier workers must be able to demonstrate with a statement from their employer that they have to cross the Belgian-Dutch border to go to work.

However, the Belgian and Dutch authorities have agreed to provide cross-border workers in vital sectors and crucial professions with a vignette that will allow them to cross the border between Belgium and the Netherlands more quickly.

To be valid, the vignette must bear the stamp of the employer. This demonstrates the essential nature of the border crossing and proves that the criteria for defining vital sectors and key professions laid down in the Ministerial Decree on urgent measures to limit the spread of the corona virus COVID-19 have been fulfilled.

The vignette may only be used by persons working in vital sectors and critical professions. Any use based on incorrect information is considered to be counterfeit and is therefore punishable.

It is forbidden to move via Belgium from a point A in the Netherlands to a point B that is also located in the Netherlands. This rule applies to all types of travel, including home-work trips.

Our Practice Leader for the Belgian and Luxembourg practice, Massimo Maesen can assist with obtaining the vignette for cross-border working activities and provides tailor-made advice for all Belgian and Luxembourg related immigration matters. Massimo can be contacted at

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