The housing market during the Corona crisis

It is not a secret that finding a home can be a challenge, especially in cities such as Amsterdam, Utrecht and Eindhoven, to name a few. The demand is high, the offer low and the prices are steep, but how much has the Coronavirus affected the housing market, two months in?

It cannot be said that the prices have dropped significantly due to the situation we are currently in. It has definitely put some pressure on the housing prices in some areas but not as much as expected or hoped for.
However, as the demand from Internationals is lower than usual because fewer are relocating at the moment, there is not as much competition and getting that house you like so much, seems to be easier and less stressful.

Another advantage we noted is a rise in offer as some of the short stay providers, who have been affected by the decrease of internationals coming in, are now offering their short term apartments for the long term, at attractive prices. Because these type of apartments are usually fully furnished and very well maintained, they are a very popular choice of housing, so if you are currently moving to the Netherlands or moving in the near future, make sure to keep this option in mind!

Safety measures are still being taken and can always be requested when you are going for a viewing. Though viewings are being done with the realtor present, distance will be held and you will have to take care of your own transport when going to several home viewings during the same day.

Expat Management’s relocation team can assist you with finding suitable housing and also assists with all other relocation-related matters such as enrolling in schools, obtaining insurance and finding a doctor in the Netherlands.

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