Sweden Implements a New Innovative Immigration Process

Sweden is ending its Fast Track immigration system, replacing it with a new model. The Swedish Standard Industrial Classification code (SNI) impacts minimum salary wages, including the blue card minimum. Dive into the risks and key considerations.

Changes in the process

Starting December 15th, the Fast Track process used by companies will no longer be available. Applications filed before that date will still benefit from the expedited process (with December 14th being the last day for fast track). From December 15th to January 19th, there will be a preparation and backlog period. The new model is set to launch by January 30th, 2024.

The new model introduces different categories:

  • Category A prioritizes highly qualified professionals (those with a university degree or five years of extensive experience) and aims to process completed applications within 30 days.
  • Category B covers ICT, Blue Card, Seasonal, Artists, Researchers, and others, aiming for a 90-day processing time for completed applications.
  • Category C & D may take up to 4 months for assessment due to more in-depth investigation requirements.

Companies need to pay attention to their SNI Code, and SSYK codes, as they define the company’s activity and impact the assignee’s category. Companies can have multiple SNI codes and can adjust them when necessary (approximately 4 weeks).

Important to know:

  • Processing times apply only to complete applications
  • From November 1st, the new minimum salary for all professions is SEK 27,360 per month, up from SEK 13,500 (relevant for upcoming extensions).
  • Note that the blue card minimum salary is SEK 57,450.

Accompanying risks:

  • Processing times
  • Availability at embassies for identity verification & biometrics.
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