Special arrangement for extension of 2-year lease contract

To support tenants during the corona crisis the Dutch government implemented a temporary law that enables them to stay up to 3 months longer in their property. 

The arrangement is applicable for temporary lease contracts of two years maximum that initially would have ended between 1st April and 30st June 2020.

You can ask the landlord for an extension of 1, 2 or 3 months. Only because of the following reason, the owner might not approve:

  • The owner already had other plans with the property at the end of the lease, like selling the house or already signed a new lease contract with the next tenant.
  • The owner wants to live in the property him/herself and has no other house
  • The owner can prove that you showed misbehavior during the lease

Please feel free to contact Expat Management Group for further information on how you can make use of the arrangement.

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