Relocation Updatesthe Netherlands and Germany

The housing market in the Netherlands and Germany remains tight and fast-moving. Read more about the current situation and our advice about anticipating your move to get a house/apartment.

The Netherlands

Moving to the Netherlands soon?

If you plan on moving to the Netherlands during the upcoming months we advise you to consider booking Temporary housing as far in advance as possible. Short-stay options are in high demand with Spring in full swing and the summer ahead. We can assist you with this in advance of your arrival.

Moving with children?

If you are planning to move to the Netherlands with children, please be aware that international and local Dutch schools have waiting lists. We advise you to research your options as much in advance as possible.

Looking to buy?

Available properties are of interest to many candidates and can turnover within hours. Should you be interested in pursuing a property offer, we advise doing so as soon as possible. With our support, we will guide your bid through our trusted network of realtors and advise on the best possible lease terms.


The housing market in Germany remains tight, especially in major cities such as Munich or Berlin. When looking for suitable apartments/houses, you have to be quick but also have background knowledge. German landlords regularly ask for a so-called “Selbstauskunft”. This self-disclosure is a questionnaire in which mainly the following information is asked for:

  • Personal information about yourself, such as the name of the prospective tenant, single or married, children etc. 
  • Details on accessibility, such as e-mail, current place of residence 
  • Data on occupation, such as student/self-employed/work for employer x
  • Other information e.g. previous tenancies etc.

Make sure you have this information prepared to make the process faster for the landlord.

Can we help you?

Contact us at the nearest Expat Management Group office or submit a contactform.