New rent rules in The Hague

Those with higher incomes in The Hague, will no longer be able to apply for mid-market rental properties.

The municipality of the city has decided to slap income requirements on mid-market rental properties to ensure people with jobs such as teachers, police officers, nurses, those who work in retail, can find a place to live in the city.

Since July 1st, houses with a rental price between 720 and 951 euro a month will only be available for people earning no more than €57,000 for a single person or €67,000 for a couple. People with a salary of €4,400 gross and more will have to look outside of the mid-market sector for a home. Landlords however, are still free to charge what they want for these mid-market homes but only people who meet the income requirements will be able to live in them.

This new rule is pretty unique in the Netherlands as The Hague is the only city to come up with these measures so far.

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