Immigration updates – EU Blue Card

There is a provisional agreement on easier Blue Card access for highly skilled migrants.
In June 2016, the Juncker Commission proposed amendments to the Blue Card Directive (Directive 2009/50/EC). It is thought that enabling migrants to contribute economically and socially to the communities where they live is considered crucial, but the Blue Card for highly qualified workers, which is supposed to ensure this, turns out to be insufficient.

For example, the conditions of admission appear to be far too stringent and the labour mobility of those concerned within the EU appears to be severely restricted.
Following amendments have been agreed on:

  • Employees recruited will be entitled to a gross annual salary between 1 and 1.6 times the average salary in the Member State concerned.
  • The employment contract that is offered must be valid for at least six months. Currently, this is 12 months by default.
  • In certain sectors, applicants will no longer be required to prove their higher education. Proof of equivalent professional experience will be sufficient.
  • It will also be made easier for Blue Card holders to change jobs.
  • Highly qualified people who enjoy international protection will also be able to obtain a Blue Card.
  • Family members of third-country nationals who have obtained a work contract and thus a card will also be allowed to enter the EU and work on the European labour market.
  • EU Blue Card holders, and their family members, will be able to move to a second Member State based on simplified mobility rules after 12 months of employment in the first Member State.

The EU Parliament and Council must still confirm the agreement by adopting the EU Blue Card Directive. Following the adoption of the directive, the Member States will have two years to implement the rules into national law.

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