How to Get Recognised Sponsor Status? 🇳🇱

Expanding your business in the Netherlands with international talent? 🌐 The first thing you need is a Recognized Sponsorship status granted by the Dutch Immigration Authorities (IND). So, what exactly is Recognized Sponsorship and how do you acquire this status? Read more below!  

Firstly, what exactly is a Legal Sponsor?

Essentially, every non-EU national requires a sponsor to legally reside and work in the Netherlands. Sponsorship can take various forms, including company-sponsored applications, sponsorship by a family member, or for specific purposes like self-employment, secondment, or studies.

Introduced in 2004, the Netherlands implemented the Highly Skilled Migrant Scheme to attract highly educated and skilled foreign nationals efficiently. This scheme aims to streamline the immigration process for qualified individuals seeking opportunities in the Netherlands.

So, what is a Recognized Sponsor then?

A recognized sponsor is a company, school, or organization with an interest in facilitating the arrival of third-country nationals. These sponsors are categorized into four segments: 1) Study, 2) Exchange, 3) Research, and 4) Work.

To become a recognized sponsor, certain conditions must be met. Your company needs to be registered in the Commercial register and demonstrate financial solvency and stability. Additionally, background checks on directors may be conducted, including the possibility of requesting police clearances if doubts arise.


Once attaining Recognized Sponsorship status, your company can simplify its application process. By consolidating your entry, work, and residency applications, you’ll enjoy shorter processing times, require fewer supporting documents, and have the option for online applications with the IND. The relationship between the IND and the Recognized Sponsor is based on self-regulation and trust.


Sponsorship is granted for a lifetime – but can be revoked in cases of severe or frequent non-compliance with the Recognized Sponsor’s responsibilities or if no foreign nationals are hired. Read more about the Recognized Sponsorship application process at IND here.


Understanding your obligations and duties as a Recognised Sponsor is crucial for both sponsors and foreign nationals seeking residency and employment in the Netherlands. By adhering to regulations and requirements, sponsors can play a vital role in facilitating the immigration process and contributing to the diverse workforce in the country.


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