Expat Management Group is expanding to Germany

Pioneering immigration and relocation services in Germany’s increasing expat market 

The Amsterdam-born mobility service provider Expat Management Group today proudly announces the opening of their third official office. With established offices in Amsterdam and Brussels, the company is now expanding to Bonn, Germany. With Germany’s immigration boom in the past years, the country was a natural choice for further international expansion.

“Until today, a German practice was just a pipe dream for us. It is a fantastic growth market with a lot of potential and opportunities, but it requires specific knowledge and skills to be successful in business. We are therefore delighted that, with our new partner and practice leader, we can immediately make a solid footprint in the German mobility industry.”- Dominique Coenen (Co-Founder and Partner, Expat Management Group)

Translating their unique formula to Germany 
With notable expertise in global mobility services as a leading provider in the Benelux market, Expat Management Group takes pride in delivering quality services tailored to each client’s needs, ranging from corporations to employees, and other individuals looking to relocate. They now aim to integrate the same know-how and personalized service to Germany, with local specialists who fully understand the market and all the complexities that come with moving abroad. Through personal client guidance and close collaboration between the internal relocation and immigration teams, Expat Management Group aims to ensure a seamless transition for internationals looking to relocate to and from Germany.

Expat Management Group office space in Bonn, Germany

Introducing Germany’s new Practice Leader 
Leading the German headquarters will be Tobias Schönborn. With more than 15 years of global mobility experience, he will be leading the German team of immigration and relocation professionals. In Schönborn’s last role as an MD for one of the market leaders within business and visa, he was responsible for the diversification of the product portfolio by merging business travel and global mobility services. He made notable contributions to the digitalization of service delivery and international expansion, setting the standard for Expat Management Group’s growth in the German market.

Digital Expansion 
Alongside its international expansion, Expat Management Group aims to further digitalize its global mobility services in Germany to deliver an easy approach to an initially complex process; balancing a human and automated customer experience.
“Creating a unique customized platform will take away the admin work from the expats and immigration specialists. That way they can both concentrate on seamless and efficient service delivery whilst addressing the personal needs of each client” – Tobias Schönborn (Partner and Practice Leader, Expat Management Group, Germany)

Portfolio Expansion
Additionally new products will be added to Expat Management Group’s portfolio to deliver the complete value stream to expats and business travelers, too. The posted workers directive along with certificates of coverage (A1) became more important as well as consular visa services for business travelers. These service lines will help to expand locally and globally.
Expat Management Group Germany has officially opened its doors and are available for all your immigration and relocation inquiries. For more information go to  www.expatmanagementgroup.com or reach out to germany@expatmanagementgroup.com.

Address: Sandkaule 9-11, c/o “THE 9TH”
Postal Code and City: 53111 Bonn​
Country: Germany​
Phone: +49 228 979 2820

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