Expat Management Group in the spotlight

Next to Expat Management Group’s daily activities of assisting its clients with all aspects of immigration and relocation-related matters, this month Expat Management Group was also involved with different projects/seminars.

Nihat Kurt, Partner at Expat Management Group, together with Maarten de Jong, published an article on British citizens and how Brexit has impacted their working activities in the Netherlands. Questions addressed were whether employers can still temporarily hire British freelancers, entrepreneurs and cross-border workers providing temporary services and employees with fixed term employment contracts and what the requirements are post-Brexit.

The entire blog post can be read here (available in Dutch only):


Dominique Coenen, Partner at Expat Management Group, was a panelist discussing Brexit and its particular implications for British business travellers within the European Union. Questions addressed were how in particular the risk of non-compliance with country-specific rules can be regulated by having technologies in place to keep track of the business travellers’ movements within the EU.

In case you missed it, the session can be followed through the following link:


Last week, Expat Management Group’s relocation team was also invited to host a webinar for the International Welcome Center Utrecht. The topic was ‘Tips & Tricks to feel at home in the Netherlands’, in which we focused on sharing useful information and basic tips on getting around after first arriving in the Netherlands. The topics ranged from meeting your neighbors, to the public transport system, to Dutch office customs and much more. EMG gladly remains at your disposal to assist and inform on these topic or other aspects of your relocation.

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