Expat Community: Q&A with Frances Dean

We sat down with Frances Dean to talk about her relocation journey from London to the Netherlands. Read more about her impressions of life in the Netherlands! ✈️

So Frances, where did you move from?

I relocated from London to Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

What made you decide to move to the Netherlands? 

I got a new job opportunity in Amsterdam.

How did you find the transition to living in a foreign country? 

My relocation process went much smoother and easier than I had imagined. I thank the Expat Management group and all the help they provided me with.

What do you find typically Dutch? 

I would say that the Dutch genuinely care about things and people. They are very family-friendly and environmentally conscious. And of course they make great bread!

What has been the best part of your move?

The best part I would say is my lovely apartment, which I found with the help of Naomi. 

What has been the hardest aspect of your expat experience so far? 

It’s a small thing really, but you have to embrace your inner hunter and gatherer. There is not one store you can go to source most things. You have to learn where to go and most importantly – plan!

What would you have done differently? 

Honestly – nothing. I love it the way it is, the ups and the downs.

 Any last words or pieces of advice? 

Oh, how could I forget? The bicycles! They are everyone so be aware!

Can we help you?

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