Exciting October Events in Benelux and Germany

Although the weather is getting colder and rainier, there are still plenty of fun indoor and outdoor activities to do in Benelux and Germany this month. Check out what we have picked out from intriguing museums to stunning light shows, and traditional celebrations!

🇳🇱 The Netherlands

What: Celebrations of Leiden’s Liberation

Where: Leiden

When: October 1 – 3

At the beginning of October, the city of Leiden celebrates its ‘Ontzet’ also ‘relief’ from the Spanish forces dating back to 1574. This year marks the 449th time the celebration is happening. During the festivities, a range of activities and events take place throughout the city. Visit Lunapark fair at the city center; watch (or take part of) the colorful Taptoe parade; or buy clothes, foods, or other festive items at Festive Market. You can even get the taste of herring and white bread, just like the starving citizens right after the relief. You can read more about the history of the Relief of Leiden and find info about the celebrations.

🇩🇪 Germany

What: Festival of Lights

Where: Berlin

When: October 6 – 15

Are you ready to witness Berlin’s most iconic sights transforming into stunning light and video projections? Over the ten days, 42 landmarks, squares, streets, and other locations will be highlighted and illuminated with vibrant light shows, matching the constructions. Besides the art for your eyes, can’t miss out on the art for your ears as most of the installments are accompanied by music. For more info about the festival, visit their website.

What: Annual Oktoberfest closing

Where: Munich

When: October 3

Another not-to-miss event is of course, the annual closing of the iconic Oktoberfest. Also known as ‘‘Wiesn’’, the festival is considered the largest folk festival in the world, with millions of visitors worldwide! Traditionally, the festival ends where it all began – in Munich, the heart of Bavaria. So, beware of loud gunshots and lots of smoke in the city as on the last day of Oktoberfest, exactly at 12 noon, the gunners fire their salute by the Bavaria statue. Luckily, you do not have to worry about the damage of the gunshots, as instead of bullets the guns are loaded with black powder, creating clouds of white smoke.

🇱🇺 Luxembourg

What: Night of the Museums

Where: Luxembourg City

When: October 14

On that special night, seven museums across Luxembourg City open their doors at their unusual times (from 17:00 until 1:00) for the guests to visit them during the evening time. The visitors can enjoy a special program of tours, workshops, music, and even culinary surprises. Find more info about the participating museums and their programs of the night here.

🇧🇪 Belgium

What: Temporary Exhibition ‘‘Giants’’ at Brussels Natural Sciences Museum

Where: Brussels

When: October 20 (2023) – August 25 (2024)

The Brussels-based Museum of Natural Sciences will soon be hosting a new temporary exhibition. The Museum is mostly known for its Dinosaur Gallery, an area of over 3000m³ entirely devoted to dinosaurs, their discovery, lives, and evolution. This makes it the largest permanent exhibition in Europe! Another popular area of the Museum is the Gallery of Evolution, which leads you through the adventure of life on Earth – starting from the very first forms of primitive life to giant fish with impressive jaws, giant predatory birds, whales with feet, and finally, up to human.

The new temporary exhibition “Giants” will tell the story of a few small animals who, with the extinction of the dinosaurs, took their chance to diversify, grow in size, and in some cases take gigantic proportions. The exhibition, which will feature 6 life-size 3D animal representations and 5 (almost) complete skeletons, will open on 20 October 2023 and is specifically addressed to families and schools. It will remain accessible until 25 August 2024.

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