Enforcement Directive

The European Commission has adopted a report on the application and implementation of the Enforcement directive (2014/67/EU) on posting of workers in the EU Member States. In addition, the Commission has also published a guidance document helping workers, employers and national authorities in understanding the rules on posting of workers.

The evaluation report shows that the directive does not require any amendments at this stage. However, the administrative burden can be decreased in some of the Member States.

In addition, the report also talks about the launch of the European Labour Authority (expected October 2019). Its key objectives will be a.o. supporting and coordinating administrative cooperation between the Member States, facilitating the exchange of information between national authorities and providing information for individuals and its employers regarding their rights and duties.

At this point, all Member States have transposed the Enforcement directive into national law. In our experience, most companies are unaware or insufficiently informed and are as such not fully aware of the implications for both their inbound and outbound employees and business travellers. Together with business partners, Expat Management Group made an online portal available to service you with these mandatory notifications and social security applications. If you would like to receive further information regarding this tool, feel free to send an email to postedworkers@expatmanagementgroup.com

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