End-of-Year Letter From Our Founders

Ho ho ho! Warmest Holiday Wishes from Expat Management Group. 🎅 In our final newsletter of the year, we reflect on an interesting year in the global mobility industry and look ahead to what 2024 might have in store for us.

Dear readers,

As we near the end of another transformative year in the Mobility Industry, we take a special moment to look back on the progress we’ve made together and the exciting trends we expect to see in 2024. At Expat Management Group, we certainly look back on a roller-coaster year. We had to face new and (unexpected) realities in the relocation industry, but with change comes opportunities making us all the more hopeful, innovative, and resilient.

We kick-started 2023 with the opening of our new office in Germany which marked a huge milestone for us, signaling growth and new opportunities. But let’s be honest – 2023 wasn’t all smooth sailing. We noticed that the industry was moving at a slower pace this year. Even though we don’t consider our business to be slow, we did face some challenges with lower demand from our loyal clients. However, our team rose to the occasion and found innovative ways to meet the evolving needs of our clients, ultimately expanding our client base!

Technology played a big role too. We dove headfirst into embracing new tools and systems that help us work smarter and faster. It has been a learning curve that has set us up to offer even better service in 2024.

Through all the ups and downs, one thing remained constant – the incredible dedication and resilience of our team. Their hard work and adaptability proved that we can endure anything, no matter what curveballs came our way. Our hard work has paid off as we dive into 2024 with the considerable expansion of our client base across all our offices in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, and Luxembourg. Thank you, team!

Looking ahead, there are some important trends we think will shape our industry in 2024 and beyond. First of all, being at the forefront of technology will be important. For us, this means having a sustainable balance between technology and humanity where we can focus on delivering personal guidance and expertise while our digital solutions can automate and simplify otherwise complicated and time-consuming processes.

We’ve already invested a lot in developing our moving technology and are committed to optimizing this further in 2024 to make the relocation process smoother. Moving forward, we’ll continue to leverage new technologies such as virtual help, smart computer programs, and data to plan and solve problems – all while maintaining our human approach.

For companies hiring international talent, it’s crucial to prioritize a holistic approach to employee well-being. Comprehensive support systems, cultural integration programs, and personalized assistance will be key in ensuring the smooth transition of individuals into their new roles and environments. Companies that proactively address the well-being of their international hires are likely to experience higher retention rates and increased productivity. Naturally, you can continue to rely on Expat Management Group’s dedication to the soft landing of your international talent.

We expect the impact of these trends will be substantial all over Europe. As the demand for skilled international talent continues to rise, employers must position themselves as attractive destinations for global professionals. Emphasizing cultural inclusivity, work-life balance, and competitive compensation packages will be instrumental in attracting top-tier talent.

As we say goodbye to 2023, we’re feeling proud of how far we’ve come and are excited for what’s next. Our dedication to delivering the best possible service to our clients keeps us going and allows us to continuously push boundaries and find innovative solutions.

A big thank you to our clients, partners, and amazing team for sticking with us through it all. Here’s to an exciting 2024 filled with success and new adventures!

Cheers, and see you in 2024!

Dominique & Nihat (Founding Partners, Expat Mgmt Group)

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