EMG interviews Malika Harding


Malika Harding, an ambitious entrepreneur originally from the US and a client of Expat Management Group, has moved to Amsterdam a few years ago to set-up ‘storyrebels’. Storyrebels is a community of writers and booklovers and organizes beautiful retreats and cultural gatherings (exhibitions). Malika is an extremely inspiring woman with a very positive attitude and mindset towards life and spreads lots of positive energy. Expat Management Group assisted Malika and her family to obtain a self-employed permit under the Dutch-American Friendship treaty and dependent family members residence permits. The podcasts covers her life as an entrepreneur in the Netherlands, what made her decide to move to the Netherlands from the US, her background as a producer and how Expat management Group made her move to Amsterdam as smoothly as possible taking care of the immigration requirements and accompanying her to all necessary appointments and steps during the immigration process.

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