Did you know that?

  • The Rotterdam Expat Centre will continue its renovation in order to welcome expats with its new look and feel. Therefore the one stop shop will be closed from November 2nd till November 20th, and will reopen on November 23rd. During this period you won’t see any availability in our online agenda. However, appointments will still be possible at location of Rotterdam City hall and Rotterdam IND office. There will be dedicated desks for highly skilled migrants on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. You can schedule the appointment for this period by calling us or sending an email to info@rotterdamexpatcentre.nl.
  • Amsterdam is in the global top 6 cities for overpriced housing? For the third year in a row, Amsterdam has scored above 1,5, placing it in the bubble risk category. This means the city is at risk of a real estate bubble, which occurs when housing is substantially mispriced for an extended period of time.
  • As of 01 August, the IND does no longer send invitation letters or reminders to British nationals to apply for a withdrawal document? The application should now be submitted (online) without an invitation letter.
  • In view of the COVID-19 on a global scale, the Chinese government had suspended foreigners from entering China with valid visas and residence permits since 28 March 2020. Based on the latest update from the Chinese MFA foreigners with a valid residence permit can now return to China without applying for a new China entry visa. Foreigners whose residence permits have expired after 28 March 2020 can now apply for the new entry visa at the Chinese Embassy/the Chinese Visa Center, return to China and transfer the visa to a Residence Permit.
  • Since October 12, British frontier workers (cross-border commuters) can submit an application online for a frontier worker’s document
  • The list of countries considered to be safe in view of Covid-19 infections has been changed. As of 27 October 2020, residents of these countries are allowed to travel to the Netherlands. Currently, the countries considered safe for the Netherlands are the following:Australia
    South Korea
    China (provided China also permits European travellers again)
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