Did you know that?

  • Did you know that the language level requirement for the civic integration exam will be increased as of 2022? Previously, the integration exams required A2 level of Dutch in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Foreign nationals who are required by law to integrate will be tested B1 level as of 2022.
  • Did you know that the requirements for EU ICT applications for non-recognized sponsors will become more strict and the proof of burden will be higher? As of 1st October 2021, additional documents such as a declaration of good conduct regarding tax returns and proof that a minimum one fifth of all employees is already working at the Dutch branch will need to be included in the application
  • The Netherlands registers highest number of naturalizations since 1990s? In 2020 over 49.000 foreign nationals became Dutch citizens through naturalization
  • As of 22 September 2021, the quarantaine obligation has changed and all vaccinated travellers from high-risk areas no longer need to quarantaine. They may however still be required to provide a valid PCR test prior to their departure to the Netherlands
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