Corona update: Dutch general measures and impact on immigration

In the Netherlands preparations for a step-by-step return to ‘the new normal’ are currently underway. Thanks to the Dutch people complying with the restrictive measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus, the latest figures have been showing a positive trend.

The Netherlands’ approach is aimed at keeping the virus under control as much as possible in order to protect vulnerable groups and making sure the healthcare system can cope. This will remain the fundamental principle in the period to come. However, due to our joined efforts, we now have room to further ease certain measures.

The Dutch government has announced that as of June 1st restaurants and cafes may re-open, allowing a maximum of 30 guests (not counting staff). Museums, (movie)theatres and concert halls may also open their doors for the public under similar conditions. Both primary and secondary schools as well as daycares will fully re-open for all children in early June. Additionally, from June 1st onwards, non-medical masks will be obligatory in all public transport. Non-compliance may result in a fine up to EUR 95. Fitness facilities are also expected to be able to re-open as of July 1st.

The social distancing and hygiene principles nonetheless remain in place in this new phase. Restrictions can only be lifted further if we strengthen the control we have gained over the virus since March and until a vaccine or treatment is available. Should the number of infected people start to rapidly increase, the Dutch government can decide to reverse the relaxation of measures. For now, we hope that we will be able to continue the downward trend in the number of infected people and gradually allow ourselves more freedom.

The Netherlands has prolonged the external travel ban until June 15th 2020. The ban restricts all non-essential travel into the Schengen countries and the associated Member States. Holders of an MVV (entry)visa fall under the exemption category and are allowed to travel to the Netherlands. Persons who still need to apply for their MVV visa experience a delay in their immigration application, with the exception of family members of Dutch nationals, as Netherlands Embassies/Consulates remain closed until further notice.

The Immigration Authorities (IND) in the Netherlands are operating fully and applications are processed without any delays in our experience. The IND desks prioritize services for appointments related to a first residence permit. The IND desks are adjusted in such a way that your visit will be safe for both you and the IND employees. Local town halls operate in a similar manner.

Cross border travel between Germany/Belgium and the Netherlands is allowed provided that certain conditions are fulfilled. For additional information on above or if you require assistance, please reach out to

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