August Immigration UpdatesGermany, Luxembourg and EU updates

Luxembourg has eased labor law amendments for third-country nationals! Moreover, expect waiting times for visa applications from Russia to Germany, and in other news, the European Travel Authorization System (ETIAS) has been postponed again. Read about this and more immigration news in Germany, Luxembourg, and the EU below.


News for visa applications to Germany from Russia. If you wish to apply for a national visa for Germany, the appointment can only be booked through the German Embassy in Moscow since last month.

The appointment can take place at one of the 5 Visa-Metric locations as before, but it has to be booked with the embassy and you will have to register on a waiting list. If you are applying from Russia, please be prepared for long waiting times!


Labor law amendments in Luxembourg! On Wednesday, July 19th, the Chamber of Deputies in Luxembourg stated that they are easing work access for third-country nationals in Luxembourg, including those seeking international protection. Find out what this means below.

  • The most significant changes involve shortening the waiting period for access to the labor market for third-country nationals.
  • The law clearly states that third-country nationals need both a work and residence permit to be employed. An exception is made for those working in Luxembourg for less than three months within a year.
  • The National Employment Agency (ADEM) will streamline procedures to make it easier for third-country nationals to fill vacant positions and they strive to find employment opportunities for individuals who have applied for protection.
  • There will also be a slight increase in allowances for individuals with refugee status or those who have applied for international protection.
  • A new provision allows students and researchers from third countries, who have completed their studies in Luxembourg, to stay in the Grand Duchy for up to 12 months post-graduation.
  • Individuals who come to Luxembourg to live with family members will now be allowed to work in the country.
  • Stricter actions will be made against those who engage in hiring individuals ‘in an irregular situation’, aiming to end forced labor more effectively.


The European Travel Authorization System (ETIAS) has been postponed again. The European Travel Authorization System (ETIAS) and new Entry/Exit System (EES) for non-visa nationals should have entered into force already this year in May, however, it has been postponed again and is expected to be effective after the summer of 2024 next year.

What is the EES?

The EES is an automated system for registering non-EU nationals traveling for a short stay, up to 90 days in a 180-day period, that will record each time they cross external Schengen area borders.

It will replace passport stamping and requires travelers to have biometric data (facial images and fingerprints) recorded upon entry.

What is ETIAS?

EES will operate in conjunction with the new European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS), which is the EU version of the United States ESTA system. Without an ETIAS visa, travelers will not be allowed to board flights to Europe or will very likely be denied entry upon arrival.

An ETIAS application is required for any short-term (less than 90 days) travel to the EU, including travel for business, pleasure, medical purposes, or if you are transiting through the EU en route to a further destination. Read more about it here

We will keep you informed on further developments.

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