Additional corona measures in the Netherlands

Effective since Tuesday evening, 29 September 2020, the Dutch government decided to introduce additional measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus as infections are tremendously rising in particular in the big cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague and hospitals are again getting crowded by Covid-19 patients.

The additional measures as announced by Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Mr. De Jonge, Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport, include earlier closing times for restaurants, bars and cafes. For at least 3 weeks, those establishments will need to close at 10pm and may not allow any new customers in after 9pm. Establishments are required to take the names and contact details of guests so that the GGD (Dutch Health Authorities) can trace an infection in case this happened at an establishment.

Facemasks are encouraged to wear in stores and supermarkets however it generally remains up to the customer to do so but in case a store decides to make this obligatory it can deny customers entry in case a customer refuses to wear a facemask. Working from home will remain the norm unless it is absolutely impossible to work from home. In case an infection occurs at a work place, companies may have to be closed for 2 weeks.

In addition, only 3 guests can be invited at home from now on, excluding children under the age of 13. Gatherings inside are limited to 30 people and outside a maximum of 40 people will be allowed with several exceptions such as funerals, demonstrations, sport events etc.
Travelling should be kept to a minimum and public transport should only be taken in case absolutely necessary.

The general social distancing rules such as keeping the 1,5 meter distance, regularly disinfecting and washing hands, avoiding crowded places, to stay at home in case of symptoms and get tested remain of course in place.

Let’s hope that these additional measures will reduce the amount of infections and no new lockdown needs to be put into place.

Please stay healthy and safe!

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