9 useful apps for expats living in the Netherlands

When settling into a new environment, it’s useful to know where to go, how to get there, what to do and how things work in general.

Since it’s not very feasible to have a personal guide at all times, we’re happy to help making your phone the best guide possible. The following list of apps should help you get a good start in your new life in The Netherlands.

Google Maps

It’s quite likely that you already have/use Google Maps and it’s used by many in The Netherlands. Always a great app to quickly find your way around, get real-time updates on congestions, and it also has public transport plans integrated.

Parking app

If travelling by car, and once you’ve found a parking spot at your destination, no need to worry about feeding the meter. With parking apps such as Parkmobile, Yellowbrick or Park-line, simply start the app upon arrival, and turn it off when you’re leaving. You’ll only have to pay for your actual parking time and your account will be debited once a month.


If you didn’t already know, you’ll soon enough find out that the weather in The Netherlands is very unpredictable. Buienradar is a great weather app that will help you determine at which time you should leave the house to avoid the rain.


Tired after a long day or don’t feel like cooking? You can easily order you favorite meals with this app. Especially with many restaurants having to close due to Covid-19, there are more and more choices from all types of cuisines.

Grocery Shopping apps

Nowadays you don’t even necessarily have to leave your home to get your groceries. You can easily create shopping lists and order your groceries online at Albert Heijn (Appie) and Jumbo. There is also Picnic, which doesn’t have a physical supermarket, but is specialized in only online grocery shopping.

Dutch English Dictionary & Translator / Google Translate

You’ll find that it’s quite easy to live in the Netherlands without having to learn the Dutch language. However, it can sometimes be useful and while Google Translate isn’t always 100% accurate, the Dutch English Dictionary & Translator app is great with example sentences and audio pronunciation.


If you’re looking to buy second hand items (from furniture to electronics) or if you want to sell some items you no longer use, this app is great for keeping track of transactions or new posts.

Mobile Paying

With a more and more cashless economy, it’s great to be able to do transactions with your mobile phone. If you’ve forgotten your bankcard, you can easily use Apple Pay, or your installed ‘mobile bank card’ and pay with your phone at most stores in The Netherlands.
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