5 Important Changes in Germany in 2024

Germany’s latest Chancenkarte, grants non-EU applicants a year-long stay with part-time work rights! What else? Health insurance costs are climbing while income thresholds for parental allowance are shrinking. Have a look at the 5 most substantial updates for the year ahead below. 🪪🎇

1. New Opportunity Card favors movement to Germany

With the introduction of the Chancenkarte, non-EU applicants are granted a one-year stay with part-time work rights. Eligibility requires two years of vocational training/university degree alongside A1-level German or B2-level English proficiency.

2. Rise in health insurance payments

The statutory health insurance’s extra payments (Zusatzbeitrag) will increase and reach a maximum of 1.6 percent. This cost is split equally between employees and employers, mirroring the main contribution setup.

3. Tax-free basic allowance

The basic tax income level (Grundfreibetrag) will rise from 10.908 euros to 11.604 euros. 

4. Reduction of income thresholds for parental allowance

EU citizens, German citizens, or those with a German residence permit caring for a child, working under 32 hours per week, won’t qualify for the benefit if their combined annual income exceeds 150,000 euros (previously 300,000 euros) before tax.

5. Introducing 10-day paternity leave

Second parents will be entitled to ten days of paid leave after the birth of their kid.

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