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EMG reviews which type of work and residence permit suit the scope of work of your employees.

Whether this will be highly skilled migrants, intra corporate transferees, labour migrants, trainees, interns, practitioners or blue card etc. you may fee rest assured that the EMG consultants will manage expectations from the start, inform the stakeholders step-by-step on each process and secure the permit in time, thereby meeting your business demands.

We gladly assist with renewals or extensions of paperwork, if needed.

Family members are equally important (if not more important!). Regardless of whether family members are accompanying or travelling at a later stage, EMG will make sure they have all the necessary support documents in place, file their applications and assist them in each step of the immigration process to the Netherlands.

At EMG we provide you with a clear advice on the options and red flags to anyone looking to secure Dutch citizenship, Permanent Residency or EU Long Term Residence.

We have the knowledge and understanding to assist you and your family members therewith securing the long term settlement in the Netherlands.

Companies in the Netherlands can become Recognized Sponsor with the immigration authorities and can benefit from expedited processing times and simplified immigration application processes, such as highly skilled migrants, transferees or researchers.

EMG gladly assist your company securing the Sponsorship agreement and explain on all the rights and duties as Recognized Sponsor, keeping you as a client complaint.

EMG is a trusted partner of the Dutch labour- and immigration authorities, and plays an important role in drafting Dutch immigration law and policy in the best interest of its clients.

Moreover, our senior staff is interacting constantly with officials on all government levels and expat centres in the Netherlands. EMG gladly facilitates client-government interaction and discuss new business-friendly initiatives.

Continuously focussed on EU immigration policy matters, EMG keeps clients abreast of the latest European immigration policies and trends.

More specifically, our thorough knowledge of EU and Schengen regulations has proven to be paramount in shaping our clients’ European expat and business travel policies.

EMG is one of the very few specialists that can actually advise on and guide clients in successfully securing an Investor Visa in the Netherlands, which can be a potential for those migrants willing to invest a substantial amount of at least 1.25 million EUR in the Netherlands.

Furthermore, we regularly assist business entrepreneurs from the US and Japan who could secure work and residence authorization based on favourable Treaties.

A business visit abroad is usually permitted however limited in time and activities. At EMG we provide the right framework and workable parameters for your staff to conduct business meetings and advise on the allowable activities that can be waived from work authorization requirements.

Additionally EMG also assists with securing the correct business visas for you staff to travel abroad.

Securing the correct certificates in the country of origin can be a daunting exercise. For any inbound or outbound immigration-related move, EMG will review your exact legalization request and will be able to procure, legalise, Apostille and or translate the correct documents in a timely and efficient manner so you don’t have to.

We keep our clients abreast of any relevant immigration updates which potentially have an impact on their expat management.  We anticipate to your corporate needs and act as your reliable and proactive partner.

Having substantial experience with audits from the Labour Inspectorate, we have a reliable insight the working and practicalities.

Hence we like to prepare our clients beforehand and provide workshops and internal audits focussing on compliance strategies and practices. These prove to be effective for our clients, therewith avoiding penalties, revoking permits or sponsorships and criminal prosecution.

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