Did you know that more than 70% of the working population are foreigners?

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a small, landlocked country in Western Europe, bordered by Belgium, France, and Germany. Luxembourg’s stable, prosperous economy would not be possible without foreign workers. Its current population is more than 600 000 people. The Luxembourg anthem is “Ons Heemecht”, but in addition to this national anthem, Luxembourg also has a Grand Ducal anthem – Wilhelm – which is played whenever the Grand Duke appears.

Luxembourg’s official languages are French, German, and Lëtzebuergesch. All three are often utilized in everyday life and in the media. However, when it comes to administrative matters, German and French definitely dominate.

Life in Luxembourg is definitely different from big, international cities such as New York, London or Tokyo. However, the country has a high standard of living and a rich cultural heritage.

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Immigration in Luxembourg

Working in Luxembourg, especially as a non-European, requires more effort, paperwork, and, at times, determination. The application process varies depending on the reason that the foreign worker requires a Luxembourg working visa.

A third-country national who wishes to work in Luxembourg for more than three months must have a work visa (residence permit for an employee). Before entering Luxembourg territory, an application must be submitted and approved.

Employers in Luxembourg have been attracting talent from outside the EU, especially highly skilled workers. The number of EU Blue Cards has increased since their adoption. In 2019, 662 EU Blue Cards were issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, making Luxembourg one of the top countries issuing EU Blue Cards, alongside Germany, France, and Poland

Relocation in Luxembourg

Most foreigners moving to Luxembourg initially decide to rent. Most of the available housing in Luxembourg is apartment accommodation. There are also many serviced aparthotels and hotels in Luxembourg for short-term stays. With increasing numbers of European workers in Luxembourg, it can sometimes be a struggle to find available (and affordable) housing opportunities. However, as Luxembourg neighbors Belgium, France, and Germany, a lot of foreign employees prefer to be cross-border commuters (cheaper and more availability).

The education system in Luxembourg is quite complex for newcomers. It can be even more challenging if there is a language barrier. However, one can choose from a range of national and international schools to enroll children in the education system in Luxembourg.

In Luxembourg, the communication language is Luxembourgish, at a later stage German and finally also French. If you’re from a country with no knowledge of these languages, we recommend an intensive home course before the child enrolls.

We can assist with finding the appropriate school for your child(ren) and determining what the specific needs and requirements are.

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