Especially during the preparation of the move, many questions will come up!

What needs to be arranged before coming over? What does the new country look like? What are the options for housing and for schools? Which neighborhoods are recommended and which ones should be avoided? What needs to be organized immediately after arrival? What has priority? What are specific local regulations that are important to know? And many more.

Of course, the internet is of great help for research on the local situation. However, having a personal conversation with one of our professionals to give essential and valuable information about the local situation and what needs to be arranged is incomparable. In our Pre-arrival Introduction and Welcome Call, the Relocation Consultant will take time to discuss everything mentioned above in detail and answer all questions that may come to mind.

The Relocation Consultant will make sure that the right expectations are set and that everything that must or can be prepared before departure is discussed. After the call, a clear picture will have been given of the time frame, what needs to be prepared up front, what to expect after arrival and of who will be making arrangements during the entire process and when this will be done.

Please see our checklist for an overview of everything that needs to be taken care of during the relocation process.

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