Expat Management Group can proudly confirm assistance with a wide scope of services to support with practical things that need to be arranged after arrival.

These vary widely depending on the personal situation and interests of our clients. Therefore, the Settling-in Portfolio can also entail a wide range of subjects.

Think for example of:

  • the airport pick-up
  • arranging a rental or lease a car
  • obtaining a mobile phone
  • how to use the public transport
  • the exchange of the foreign driver’s license
  • arrange a parking permit in the new neighborhood
  • explanation of the paid parking system
  • car import
  • a handyman
  • cleaning service
  • information on shopping / restaurants / cultural facilities
  • local gyms and other sports
  • cross-cultural training
  • language courses
  • import of pets
  • arranging a DigiD code (the Netherlands)

and many more!

On our Interactive Relocation Platform, we present extensive information about these subjects. This includes specific subjects, city information, and details about living and working in the new environment.

The Interactive Relocation Platform is a tool and source of information. Additionally, the Relocation Consultant and Field Consultant will discuss these subjects in detail as well.

We aim to provide flexible and personalized services that help to make the new environment feel like a new comfortable home as quickly as possible!

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