Managed – Benjamin Barreto

Where are you from?
I was born and raised in Brazil, but spent a substantial part of my youth (about 9 years) in the US.

Where are you now?
Well, thanks to Zoover and Expat Management Group, now I am in Amsterdam!

What made you decide to move to the Netherlands?
High quality of life, low unemployment, low crime rate. I was about to start a new life with the love of my life (Laura), and couldn’t have asked for a better place to relocate to. Laura and I had been looking for a nice place to start a family. We thought about moving to Canada, but a very good friend of mine (Cauê) asked me if I would be willing to interview at Zoover and maybe travel to Amsterdam to check out the city. As soon as I stepped foot on Dutch soil, it was love at first sight!

What do you think was typically Dutch about your move?
I suppose like the Dutch, Laura and I were very bold. We knew what we wanted and we were not afraid of letting others know. We have taken a very courageous step by sacrificing the life we had built in Brazil in order to start a new one in Europe

What do you find typically Dutch?
Typically Dutch, hummm honesty and straight to business! Yes, small talk is great, but when it’s business time, it’s business time, and I love it! What else? Narrow roads, lots of bikes, rainy weather, delicious food, and the best beer I’ve ever had in my life.

If you were to rate your complete move, what would the rating be?
I would rate it at 99% and the only reason I wouldn’t give it 100 is due to how difficult it has been to find a permanent housing solution. As I type this, my housing situation is yet to be resolved, but I’m sure it will be taken care of soon, especially with Expat Management Group’s help! Other than that, I have never felt so welcome before, which is truly remarkable.

What would you have done differently?
Maybe move as a married couple instead of single. The Netherlands only recognizes marriages between Dutch citizens (at least one of the parties must be Dutch), so Laura and I will have a hard time doing everything through the Brazilian consulate. We decided to move as an unmarried couple in order to prevent any delays (it would have taken an extra two months before starting the immigration process). Now that the immigration process is over though, we are planning to get our marriage certificate at the Brazilian consulate by February.

What has been the best part of your move?
Making new friends and trying to learn a new language. I can’t wait to be able to carry out a conversation in Dutch!

Any last tips and tricks?
Get your health insurance as soon as you have your BSN and bank account ready.

Can we help you?

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