Where are you from? 

London, United Kingdom

Where are you now? 

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

What made you decide to move to the Netherlands? 

I had a nice job offer in the Mining & Metals industry, and my partner and I thought it sounded like an exciting opportunity professionally and also a chance to live in a new country which by all reports has a high standard of living.

What do you think was typically Dutch about your move? 

The systems and services are really efficient, and seem optimized for expats moving to the country.  I was impressed that we even got a Welcome book with lots of information that the North Brabant municipality gave us when we registered with them.

What do you find typically Dutch?

Well, my favourite things since I’ve moved here have been the ice cream cones with slagroom, and the excellent cycling infrastructure.

 If you were to rate your complete move, what would the rating be?

I would say 5-star, everything was well managed and the whole team were so pleasant to work with. They were always in touch to make sure I was ok and helping to answer any questions I had. I felt prepared and informed at every stage.

What would you have done differently? 

Perhaps I would have organised to speak with some local people and take tours of the different neighbourhoods, to help me know in advance what area I wanted to live in the new city.

What has been the best part of your move? 

Not having to worry about the details, there was a clear plan that was managed well by EMG. I just had to follow the steps. It made the whole move really stress-free.

Any last tips and tricks?

Definitely make sure you plan enough time for all the all the activities associated with settling in once you arrive in your new city and, if you’re in the Netherlands, make sure you visit your local ice cream shop!

Can we help you?

Contact us at the nearest Expat Management Group office or submit a contactform.

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