Where are you from? 

I am from Istanbul, Turkey.

Where are you now? 

I live in the Eindhoven, Netherlands.

What made you decide to move to the Netherlands? 

A job offer brought me to the Netherlands. I always enjoyed my times in this country as I have been here for business and leisure before. When you consider moving to another city or country, this type of experience helps to take the right decision for yourself.

What do you think was typically Dutch about your move? 

My overall move was smooth and easy. I think it is related to typical Dutch practical lifestyle and the way of using their digitalization.

What do you find typically Dutch?

Of course, bikes and their function and importance in daily life. Work & Life balance is also something I always feel impressed with in the Netherlands.

 If you were to rate your complete move, what would the rating be?

I don’t think it would be smoother than this. A last-minute temporary place arrangement, other appointments have all helped me to move and settle in as easy as possible.

What would you have done differently? 

Maybe I would contact Sedat BALCI earlier than his flight date to sort out arrangements.

What has been the best part of your move? 

I can say more than one. The speed of last-minute temporary housing, Guus’ assistance, coordination and fast response.

Any last tips and tricks?

Reaching to the top is difficult. Remaining on the top is more difficult. Hope you all keep it up this excellent service.

Can we help you?

Contact us at the nearest Expat Management Group office or submit a contactform.

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