EMG Managed – Ethan Wright

Where are you from?

Tampa, Florida!

Where are you now?

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

What made you decide to move to the Netherlands?

Fantastic opportunity at work for my career development.

What do you think was typically Dutch about your move?

There is so much paperwork and signing up for different sites, apps, etc. DigiD is basically a government app.. which would be unheard of people using in the USA.

What do you find typically Dutch?

It blew my mind when I found out I had to use an eDentifier(?) for banking. In the US you just log in with a username and password… and that’s it. Here there’s an app, and then a code, and then the edentifier for certain transactions.

If you were to rate your complete move, what would the rating be?

My move was quite rushed from my companies perspective but the assistance from EMG was 10/10.

What would you have done differently?

Given myself more time to move. I think coming to visit ahead of the move would have been really useful too.

What has been the best part of your move?

The fact that all the food is generally high quality. There’s not as much variety as where I’m from but you basically never have to worry about buying expired goods

Any last tips or tricks?

A few.

1. Get an OV Chipcard ASAP. It allows you to go just about everywhere in one card.

2. Also, If you’re coming from the USA, there’s a fantastic private facebook group called “Americans in the Netherlands” that has a lot of good info and a great community.

3. There are quite a few free “walking tours” of the major cities. I’d highly recommend them.