Word of our partner – Nihat Kurt

With such nice temperatures, new expats from far destinations immediately feel at home in the Netherlands. 

Please do not let me spoil your comfortable summer with my words in this article, but we expect that the Implementation and the online notification in the Netherlands of the notification requirements under the Posted Workers Directive (or in Dutch the WAGwEU – wetsvoorstel arbeidsvoorwaarden gedetacheerde werknemers in de Europese Unie) will soon be completed.  From that moment, all posted workers into the Netherlands (EU and non-EU alike) who fall within the scope of the Directive, will need to be notified prior to their activities. Companies in the Netherlands dealing with posted workers are currently already obliged to perform an adequate identification and administration task and need to check whether these individuals comply with essential (so-called ‘hard core’) employment conditions. Such companies are generally required to appoint a contact person responsible for answering questions and providing information to the authorities upon an inspection. In our experience, most companies do not have this on the top of their agenda, are, as such not fully aware of the implications for both their inbound and outbound employees and business travelers.

To avoid that the summer will be even hotter, it may be wise that, as inspections and sanctions will be applicable soon, companies dealing with inbound and outbound posted workers and business travelers have a proper system in place which complies with the Directive. Together with business partners, Expat Management Group made available an online portal to service you with these mandatory notifications and social security applications.

Expat Management Group is also ready to serve you in August. Enjoy your time off with your family and friends!

Nihat Kurt, Partner with Expat Management Group

Lecturer Expatise Academy and Erasmus University Rotterdam

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