Rent Regulation in the Netherlands as of 2024

The Dutch government will regulate house rent with a point-based system as of 2024 to assess housing quality and determine the maximum price for renting.

As of 2024, the Dutch government will implement a new law to regulate mid-segment rentals and fine landlords if they charge more rent than the home is worth. According to Minister Hugo de Jonge for Housing and Spatial planning, the measures will reduce the rent of over 300.000 homes by an average of €190 per month. 

This is due to an excessive rise in private-sector rents in recent years, and often tenants pay the top price for a home that does not live up to standards. With the Affordable Rent Act, the government’s aim is to protect tenants, ensure a fair rent, and make renting affordable again for people with mid income.

The point-based system already applies to social housing rentals for homes with a point value of up to 145, but will expand that to homes with a point value of up to 186 with the new law.

“The regulation of mid-market rental properties applies to new rental contracts and as long as there is a shortage in the housing market,” the Ministry said. The law will take effect from the start of 2024 and The Ministry will evaluate the need for the regulation every five years.

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