Immigration Updates – Belgium

Belgium update:

Travel is strongly discouraged.

The rules will be tightened for people who do travel.

Anyone who stays in a red zone for more than 48 hours is considered a high-risk contact. Upon return after a trip, a mandatory quarantine of 7 days applies, with subsequent negative test result. This quarantine is not mandatory if the passenger’s Passenger Location Form (PLF – shows that the risk of contamination is low because of his or her behavior. The calculation of this risk score on the PLF will be tightened up.

At the beginning of 2021, a new PLF system will be introduced, in which a distinction will be made between professional and private travel. Business travelers with a certificate from the employer no longer have to be quarantined if their PLF shows no risk behavior. All other travelers must respect the quarantine in all circumstances.

All non-residents traveling to Belgium from a red zone must submit a recent negative test result (not older than 48 hours) from 25/12.

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