Homesearch via live video viewings

As also discussed in our Word of Managers, we need to be aware that our international transferees need adequate assistance in this period where we are still dealing with restrictions. Ten days of quarantine can be requested when entering the Netherlands. This means that the newly arrived international will need to stay in Temporary Accommodation or a hotel room during the first 10 days. He or she will not be allowed to leave that space, needs to work remotely from there during those 10 days and is not able to make any physical arrangements for arrival in the Netherlands. 

Assuming all is fine and that there is no Covid infection, the international can go out for viewings after this period. If he/she is lucky, a new place will be found soon. Hopefully, the apartment is already empty and we will not have to wait till the end of the month for the previous tenant to move out. Easily it takes 2 to 3 weeks from the moment of starting the viewings till moving in. Costs involved are in this scenario a full month of (usually pretty expensive) temporary accommodation. The social consequence in Covid time is that the transferee will be arriving alone, in not preferred accommodation, working in solitude remotely, not being able to see colleagues help getting started in the new home town.

Our Homesearch via Live Video Viewings-solution facilitates in making this scenario different. The end result is that the international can go straight after arrival at the airport into the new – by him/herself selected- apartment and stay there during the quarantine period, not having to move again, for usually considerably more interesting monthly costs. The way of working is that our locally familiar Field Consultant will have viewings in selected properties. She will make a live connection to show the international around, give advice and answer all questions about the place and surroundings.

Obviously, this program is not a permanent solution. There is nothing above making a choice for a property based on personal feelings while entering the space, having the freedom to personally see alternatives and check out the vibes of the environment. But in these crazy and already stressful times, we experienced that with the right information and guidance from our dedicated team, a satisfactory result usually is accomplished, saving a lot of money and inconvenience in the first, so important period after arrival!

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