Expat Management Group in the spotlight – How the team at EMG escaped from prison

With the COVID-19 pandemic still very much part of our daily lives and routines, remote working has become an essential response for quite some time now. While it does not appear we will go back to business as usual anytime soon (infections are rising again), we are determined to remain positive and flexible.

For many of us, working remotely meant having to adapt to a new environment, away from colleagues. Whilst positive effects were clearly noticeable, it quickly became clear that the impact of remote work is in fact a double-edged sword. It is important to remember that the workplace is in fact a social sphere, which has now almost entirely been reduced to a virtual connection.

In order to keep the (team)spirit alive and boost social cohesion, Expat Management Group frequently organizes get-togethers and digital events. After all, these extraordinary times call for out-of-the-box thinking and creativity, which perfectly describes our latest team activity: Prison Escape, Free Yuri Koblenko. During this live (!) video escape game, the objective was to free Yuri, overcome various challenges all whilst in a time crunch. The experience took place in a real prison with real actors portraying inmates, guards, wardens etc. Each team member at Expat Management Group got to participate in the prison escape under an alias and with a specific skill set.

The digital experience was truly one of a kind, with great acting and a well thought out production. We were able to improvise our way through the game and eventually free Yuri, bringing our mission to a success. It was a fun way to work together as a team in a completely different setting and get to know each other’s strengths (interrogating was a valuable skill!). We would definitely recommend this activity and look forward to re-playing it in real life once the covid measures are lifted.

The below website provides more information and how to obtain tickets. The online experience is available in English as well: https://prisonescape.nl/online/

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