Details of new start-up immigration pilot

As mentioned in our previous newsletter, the Netherlands aims at launching a new pilot for start-ups in the summer of 2020.

Non-EU nationals who do not qualify for the Highly Skilled Migrant (HSM) category in terms of salary nor hold enough company shares to be eligible for a start-up residence permit, can perhaps qualify for the new pilot.

Eligibility for the pilot program is composed of a number of factors. The start-up, both Dutch and foreign, needs to be established in the Netherlands with employers meeting the lowest HSM salary threshold (currently EUR 2364).

In addition, employers will require to demonstrate employee participation in the company as well as the essential role of the employee to the growth of the start-up. In terms of size, the company cannot have more than fifteen employees, with a maximum of five non-EU nationals.

The Dutch authorities do aim for participants of the pilot to move into the HSM category as soon as they meet the criteria. However, in case the pilot program turns out to be successful, re-application would be possible.

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