Silke PrinsCompliance & Relocation Consultant

Silke graduated from the Hague University of Applied Sciences with a Bachelor in International & European Law. After a six month internship with Expat Management Group for this course in 2019, Silke rejoined the company in 2020 in the role of Relocation Consultant.

After assisting the Relocation team as a Coordinator, she took on the role of Relocation Consultant. In this position, she makes sure the expat’s move to the Netherlands goes as smooth as possible. She helps execute the necessary steps in this process, and answer any questions the expats might have.

Additionally, Silke works on the advancement of Expat Management Group’s GDPR compliance.

In her free time, Silke likes to read, explore the outdoors, and spending time with friends.

Silke is fluent in Dutch and English.