Dariia TarasiukGlobal Immigration Consultant

Dariia¬† was born in Belarus, spent her childhood in a small town in Lithuania¬† and moved to Odessa city, Ukraine at the age of 7. She graduated from Odessa National Maritime University with a master’s degree in law.

In 2006 Dariia has started her immigration career and by 2008 she ran her own business as an individual private lawyer in Ukraine. Subsequently, she started her own company providing law services in corporate law, intellectual property, immigration and real estate.

Dariia joined Expat Management Group in the role of Global Immigration Consultant in April 2022, after leaving Ukraine due to the war.

Dariia is fond of watercolour painting (she is amateur painter), reading, learning foreign languages, leading a healthy lifestyle and travelling. Dariia already has visited over 40 countries!