Natasja van RossumJunior Immigration Consultant

After having lived in Canada, Spain and New Zealand, Natasja knows exactly what it is like to live abroad and adapt to a new environment. Knowing the opportunities and advantages an experience like this can bring, she is also aware of the challenges that may be faced.

Her immigration career started, working at a language school in Spain, assisting with the national exams for permanent residency. In her role of Immigration Support she is learning new things about immigration every day and she is ready to assist in ensuring our clients immigration procedure goes smoothly.

Natasja has a Masters in Linguistics and worked as a Research Assistant before joining Expat Management Group’s immigration team. Her degree taught her a great deal about how language is processed in the brain and she has created various English language courses aimed at specific interest groups.

In her spare time, Natasja enjoys playing tennis and is currently exploring her new neighbourhood in Amsterdam.

Having been raised bilingually, Natasja is fluent in Dutch and English.